I recently installed Flex Builder 2, and wanted to install the coldfusion extensions, but ran into some issues…

when i installed, the installer asked me if i would like to view the instructions on how to install the coldfusion extensions, but when i clicked yes, nothing happened….

I did some research and found out how to install them

If you installed the Demo from Adobe, these steps should work.

1. Start Flex Builder 2

2. Click on Help > Software Updates > Click “Find and Install” > Click “Search for new features to install” > Click Next > click “New Archived Site” > Browse to

C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations\Adobe Flex Builder 2\ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder

You will find 2 files in there, a html file that gives more instructions on how to install, and a .zip file that starts with CF_FB_****.zip file (forgive me i renamed mine to be


because i was confused by the instructions in the html file.

but when you click on “New Archived site” you run through a wizard that lets you select a .zip file… and then you keep clicking next…

This was written for guidance purposes… and not the exact steps…