I was testing all of my flex material on my local machine, and i wanted to move it to a production server so my colleagues at work could see my progress…

I had a folder named


and lets say i copy and paste that folder onto the server…

When you try to create a new project with that name in flex builder 2, you run into an issue, it says

“you must have a folder WEB-INF/flex in your web root” or something like that. So you have to copy and paste that folder from your test web root into that web root, that is very simple.Back to the main point of this blog, say you dont want to overwrite anything in the web root because you like keeping backup’s of projects so it’s easy to rollback, so you want to create a new project, and just copy and paste your existing code, into a new folder, and create a new project in flex with the new folder name!

In Flex Builder 2:
File > Import > Existing Projects into Workspace > Next > browse to your new folder in the “select root directory” when you do that, and try to finish, you run into a problem, because it tells you there is already a project with that name…

Go into that new folder you made, and edit the “.project” file, it’s an xml file

Edit the “project_TEST

Make it “project

and now it will import everything in that folder successfully.

you may have some file name issues that you will have to troubleshoot, but that should get you started.