The application no longer will display the time on the page, it turned to the original request of a progress bar that shows a percentage….

There are some problems of the page not doing what they want it to, when going back through mp3’s… the problem has been identified in .mp3 files are being cached in IE 6.

I’m currently trying to find a fix for this… so far, i’ve tried preventing the page cache using

but no luck so far… when i go into IE, and change my settings to

Tools > Internet Options > (Temporary Internet Files) > Click on Settings > Change the value “Check for newer versions of stored pages” to “every visit to the page” and then i deleted my files, and refreshed the page, and it worked….

Still working on a permanent fix, but we’ve identified the problem. Used a tool called “Service Capture” to find out that it was IE 6 that was doing it… the problem doesnt seem to be happening in firefox, and that is one of the reasons I never saw it, because my base alpha testing was done in firefox….


filename = “sometrack.mp3”
//the filename is going to be dynamic
filename = filename + “?r=” + Date();
sndAudio.loadSound(filename, true);

this wont work when you try to trace it, your going to get errors because it’s not going to run on a webserver… but when it runs on a webserver it works because the command flash sends understands the querystring…