This is a great example, and it’s great for learning what actionscript can do… It uses an import of an actionscript file to put a combo box in a cell in a cfgrid… it’s awesome.View the example

Here is the original Post I want to be able to remember this stuff so i blog it.

<cfif parameterExists(form.submit_btn)>
<CFDUMP var=“#form#”>

<cfform format=“Flash” skin=“haloSilver” width=“400” height=“300”>

<cfsaveContent variable=“onLoad”>

//applying the cellRenderer ‘’ to the 4th column _level0.myGrid.getColumnAt(3).cellRenderer = GridRenderer;


<!— grid with 3 columns name, firstName, department —>
<cfgrid name=“myGrid”>
<cfgridColumn name=“name”>
<cfgridColumn name=“firstName”>
<cfgridColumn name=“department”>

<cfgridrow data=“Maegerman, Philippe, 1>
<cfgridrow data=“Fonda, Nahuel, 2>

<cfinput type=“submit” name=“submit_btn” value=“Submit to see the form dump”>
<!— onLoad trigger —>
<cfinput type=“text” visible=“No” width=“0” height=“0” name=“trigger2” bind=“{1==2?”:#onLoad#}”>


and here is the actionscript file that is needed, put them in the same directory, and it will work.

import mx.controls.ComboBox;

class GridRenderer extends mx.core.UIComponent{

var combo;
var listOwner : MovieClip;
var getCellIndex : Function;
var getDataLabel : Function;

function createChildren(Void) : Void{
combo = createClassObject( ComboBox, “combo”, 1, {owner:this});
combo.dataProvider = [{data:1,label:’CF_Pim’}, {data:2,label:’AsFusion’}];
combo.addEventListener(“change”, this);

function getPreferredHeight(Void) : Number{
return combo != undefined ? 25:0;

function setValue(str:String, item:Object){
var val = item.department;
for(var i = 0; i < combo.dataProvider.length; i++){
combo.dataProvider[i].data == val ? combo.selectedIndex = i : ”;

function change() {

View the example