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I have a mx:Script block that looks like this:

private var graphic:String = “assets/header.jpg”;

Then in the mxml portion, I have this:

Given the above, I am not getting any compile errors or runtime errors, but the graphic is not appearing. Can anyone please tell me why?

—————-Flex coders message————–

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I see what your saying… but i’m not sure if you can use “@Embed” with a dynamic source… let me know if you can… but i plugged your code in, and then put in my own local image… i wasnt sure if

“graphic” was getting passed through, so i gave the image and “id” and it looks like this…

now when you click on the image you get a message in ur trace panel… (the debugger)

[class _SWFLoaderStyle__embed_css_Assets_swf___brokenImage_1317121300]

so what I did was just took out the @Embed

Now it looks like this:

so the end result to ask the pro’s? can you Embed something dynamic? i would think now… that kind of defeats the purpose of embedding it if you ask me… maybe it’s a bug… i dunno… all i know is that it didnt work…


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