In our team of developer’s we use a tracking system, to track work orders, bug fixes, feature requests, and the status of those projects…

One of my recent assignments was to create a “Recently Updated List”

This list will contain the trackID, and a Title… it will sort by the date in descending order so we always see the most recent items first… It will join 2 tables – items(v_items), and events…

Items is the Main table, and Events are details about that item that happen along the tracking of that item…

For example, say you have track 897 897
(below are events)
edited by axel on 11/11/06 @ 2:00pm

We now are finished with this track
edited by axel on 11/11/06 @ 1:30pm

We did something else
edited by axel on 11/11/06 @ 1:00pm

we edited the table in the database to meet a need

<cfquery datasource=“#Application.AdminDsn#” name=“getFeaturesList”>
v.itemid, v.title,
e.datecreated, e.eventid
FROM v_items v
INNER Join Events e
ON v.itemid = e.itemid
e.eventid in (
SELECT TOP 1 e2.eventid
FROM events e2
WHERE e2.itemid = v.itemid
AND e.createdbyuserid = 92
ORDER BY e2.datecreated desc
e.datecreated >
<cfqueryparam cfsqltype=“cf_sql_date”

AND v.statusID IN (5)
ORDER BY e.datecreated desc