Google Maps Get a latitude from a marker

The syntax is a little tricky but I found it on the google groups, by searching “get a markers latitude”


it’s very tricky because there isn’t a ton of documentation that show examples of this.

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  1. ryan:

    Thanks! This helped!

  2. Max:

    Thanks mate!

  3. Luis:

    Thanks a lot, I think you are a God for post this. lol. Thank you!!

  4. Grant:

    FYI – In V3 it is;

  5. babu:

    here any thing like sample useing javascripit :
    like givin lat,longs to dircctly show on the marker

  6. hptchen:

    can anyone please show me example?
    i am using v3 map, but can’t get the marker latitude. thank you

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