This mp3 player takes the simple mp3 player on adobe labs, and adds multiple tracks capabilities.

[updated: 10.17.07] i’ve released the open source flex mp3 player, its the version that is much better/more advanced than this… click here go read the entry.

It uses a simple arrayCollection to hold the data from the mp3 files, but this could be switched over to some xml with little work.

The goal of this project is to make an external mp3 player that can be put on multiple sites in a smaller version, that you can just feed an xml file to, or an xspf file to, there is already a flash version of this, but I wanted to make it as a component to use in my flex projects.

This project when completed will (in high hopes) be linked to by the page…

anyway, here is the example


Just right click to view source!

These are additional links that I found, but did not put to much use. date 9/14/2006, type:MXML, author: Mike Givens tutorial for mp3 player