This is just a syntax reminder to myself

I could imagine myself playing with the effects in flex for hours… but they take a quite a while to master… the move effects, tend to be a little trickier because they seem to rearrange the form some what, depending on the mouse over issues….

say you click a button and change your currentState… if you move off of the button, i’m getting wierd conflicting things happening when i move mouse to quickly… say i set the duration to 4000 (4 seconds) and tried to play around with the mouse after clicking the button… it makes the form jump around like it’s confused? this is my first attempt playing with states, and transitions… there will be plenty more to come…


right click and view source on that page.

<mx:State name=“editForm”>
<mx:AddChild position=“lastChild”>
<v:editForm id=“editForm” x=“200” y=“40” cancelForm=“mainState()”/>
<mx:Transition toState=“editForm”>
<mx:Parallel target=“{editForm}”>
<mx:Dissolve duration=“1500”/>
<mx:Iris duration=“1500”/>
<!– wierd/kind of cool results happen when adding these
effects combined with the iris effect.
<mx:Blur duration=“1500”/>
<mx:Glow duration=“1500”/>

<mx:Transition toState=“”>