Bandwidth Tester in AS 3.0

There are times when you want to be able to determine if a user has enough bandwidth to go to that specific site, and you want to display to them a friendly message, telling them that maybe unknown errors could possibly occur… or that the site deals with media, and just plain disallow them access to the site all together…

I was reading the Actionscript 3.0 cookbook and ran across this class written by Joey Lott…

It’s fantastic, and does the trick… All you need is a decent image for the user to download, and then slap a unique id onto the end of the url request, that way the browser doesnt pick the file up from cache… and your practically done!

Check it out, CLICK HERE(right click to view source)

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  1. Alex:

    In my case, this test shows the speed seven time slower than

  2. rb:

    do you have the actionscript code for this available? TIA!

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