You know… I’ve grown very fond of cfeclipse and have learned that when you do updates, and start getting miscellaneous errors, and you can’t seem to get anything working… to just start over and stop wasting time spinning your wheels trying to fix it.

I spent my fair share of time, trying to get cfeclipse working with flexbuilder, and all was fine and dandy till they started coming out with updates and eclipse starting updating… everything grew… but flexbuilder is stuck in (soon to be)old times… and it really aggravates me that when you go to you can’t seem to find a place to download old versions…

I’ve found a couple of non helpful links that give me places to download older versions of cfeclipse… but just ended up in a run around.

I just decided to beef up my machine with more ram, and then downloaded Europa (newest version to date of eclipse 3.3.0) and then ran the cfeclipse update site, and everything started to work again….

When I downloaded the new version, i noticed cfeclipse tried to know what my variables were, and I couldnt tell exactly where it was pulling these variables from? was it the cfset tag? the cfparam? cfargument? cffunction? what was it?

I never use this feature because it’s just not quite there yet… it’s more of a distraction, and you have to press “esc” to get out of it, or grab ur mouse and click out of it… it’s just somewhat of a nuisance right now… so here is how to shut it off…

the only reason I had an Idea of what to look for is because i notices some new settings coming from older versions, I was easily able to recognize these differences unlike some of the other guys in the office who just started using eclipse after 3.3…

(click Window > Preferences > Cfeclipse > File Parser uncheck “Parse Variables as you type”)

now I kind of understand why it only picks up some variables… judging on the title of the checkbox, it parses them as you type, and doesn’t just pick them up from tags? maybe thats how it works, i’m not sure?

anyway… cfeclipse is awesome because at least you can check if you want all of this stuff or not… its so adverse and customizable! it’s great.

Thanks Mark Drew and everyone else who was prior and still is part of the cfeclipse team. thank you.