I got accepted to speak at 360flex in august, for “Project Workflow” it’s going to be a 300 level preso.  It’s really open to interpretation, i’ll be going through a little bit of Subversion, and Trac, and will be pretty open to conversation about how I do things, and what things matter to me as a developer in order to get my work done, and what I feel makes me more productive. 

 There is a series of things I consistently do, and so I’ll be sharing those as well as looking for feedback on what some other people do, and I really think it’s going to be a good open session, because everyone that develops may have a few things that they specifically do, that could be of benefit to the whole group.  I’m going to be talking about a tool called assembla.com, which hosts free subversion, and trac. I will also be throwing Cairngorm in there, and a generation tool called cairngen by Eric Feminella which is now on google code.  I will also be mentioning blogging and how it’s helped me with the community in finding help when I need it, and how important it is to make friends with these people because more than likely they are willing to help, and may even do side work, for those of you that are swamped, they may lend a helping hand.

 I’m really looking forward to 360flex in San Jose. Hope to see some of the people I saw at the last one, it was a good time.