Livecycle Full Setup Entry

I’m integrating Livecycle with coldfusion 8, this entry walks through all the steps and challenges.

I think with all of the manual adjustments of all of the xml config files, it’s a pain in the ass, and a bit confusing… it reminds me of flex 1.5 and the feeling i got when going through all of the intall stuff with that… it was like… do i really have to do all this just to try and learn it… ? i mean this isn’t even using the language, or the feature of the program, this is simply trying to get it up and running… and when you stumble on the setup and it doesn’t work, you tend to steer away to something that you do get… for me when flex 1.5 was out, i focused on coldfusion, and building my skills in that… but when flex 2 came out, it was much more simplified… and you no longer needed the server, and i jumped on full force…

so to me l think lcds has some ways to go… maybe an air app to adjust all of the xml files for you? how bout that one adobe? where you at?

anyway, i eventually got it all up and running and it went very smoothly, it was just scary copying and pasting all of these files, and backing them up manually…

anyway hopefully some of these links will help someone.

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  1. Bob Scott:

    Thanks for posting this. This is what I’m needing right now. 🙂


  2. Joshua:

    At first I thought this was the answer to my prayers, but I soon realized its just a post to links that I already have.

    Unfortunately the links provide nothing of real value to help you get up and running. I agree the docs provided in the links above need some serious help. I was hoping you were sharing some secrets on how you got it all working 🙂 Maybe you can post that?

    Thanks for sharing though.

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