Recover passwords in windows

Ever wonder how to find out your password after you’ve lost it?

your going to need PHYSICAL access to the machine… so if your trying to break your servers at work, and you don’t have a key to the server room, your not gonna like this entry. offers free password recovery…

Recover password

i’ve only used the product with the floppy disk, and now-a-days some computers don’t have that, so i’m not real sure on how to go about it, but i’m sure the site has great instructionsstick the floppy in, it runs when you boot… (pending bios… make sure your floppy is set to boot first), when it runs it writes back to the floppy, and you then eject the disk and restart…

go to a different computer, and upload whatever was saved to the floppy to and they will send you the password in a few days… (there is a que of people waiting)… they do have a pay version, where you will get the password within an hour or something like that… it only costs like 12 bucks!!! it’s totally worth it.

I can’t really stress how cool this site is, and how it absolutely SAVES your butt, when in desperate need…

so this is why everyone should kinda lock up their machine right? as in, get a lock on your door to your office, and lock up… otherwise you risk giving away your password….

like i said, i haven’t tried this for a while… but someone called me and asked where they could do it, and i referred them to this… it’s a great site, and totally useful.

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  1. Scott P:

    Lots of off password recovery options available for free without sending files to some third party.

    Couple to get started:

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