How World of Warcraft takes over lives

I’m sitting here tonight, and watching the sixth disc of Season One of the show “Lost”… it’s a great show…

My friend is over here, and he’s the one that wanted me to watch lost, and so we’ve spent the weekend catching me up on Lost because he raves about how good it is… that way when this season starts i can be caught up, and we can hang out and watch it… (people might think i’m gay, but when your not married and don’t have kids, you seriously value friendship and family over anything…)

Anyway… this friend is also way into world of warcraft, and he brought his headset with him (so he could use teamspeak) to go on some raid with this group he’s in on wow… (wow: means world of warcraft) that way he could still hangout while he plays the game…

NOTE: From what my friend was saying… raids take about an hour…Anyway… he just took a break, and said that someone in his group was in another raid, with another group… and in this other group there was a girl that was in the group…. this whole story pretty much revolves around this girl….

This girl was nine months pregnant, and while on the raid, she went into labor… I’m not sure about anyone else… I don’t know much about pregnancy… but out of common sense, I would think, just from watching movies and what not… there would be a water breaking here soon… or something along those lines?

Before going to the hospital, this girl finished playing her raid before going to the hospital… i just find it hilarious that this woman finished playing her game before going to the hospital… i don’t know if she had the baby, and if all went well, i sure hope it did, but i’m all for the fun video games, and i’m sure glad that a video game can bring so many MILLION (last i heard there were like 7 million people with accounts granted not all of them play at one given time) people together… but this game must be addicting… people i know talk about it all the time… how wow is taking over their lives and what not… i watch my room mate play it like 50 hours a week (he’s unemployed at the moment) I just figure he’s played the game for months… my other friend has played for way over a year… my nephew was addicted for over a year… my other friend is also addicted… and has been playing for like two years…

I have over 5 friends that have been taken in by this game… and by taken in, I mean, it has taken over their lives… some still can function (hold a job) while playing it… (by playing i mean not just one session…) others can not, my nephew kicked it, and when he talked about how he doesn’t play it anymore, he talks about it, like he kicked drugs or something… my other friend quit playing it because it interfered with college… (after letting it take his life over for over four months)

I just think this game is hilarious… but the woman in labor and having to finish the raid before going to the hospital by far tops it all off…

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  1. Elly:

    You stated:
    “… but the woman in labor and having to finish the raid before going to the hospital by far tops it all off…”

    Not necessarily. Having had three babies I can tell you that it takes right (for me anyway) about 6-8 hours from ‘for sure’ labor pains to produce a child. If you go to the hospital too soon- they will send you back home for a few hours.

    The Doctors want the contractions timed every so many minutes apart and if they aren’t – they don’t want to see you unless there is an obvious problem.

    I have whiled away these mild labor hours watching movies, visiting friends, washing dishes, chatting on the phone, cutting flowers from my garden, etc.

    The name of the game in the early hours is ‘distraction from discomfort’… sounds to me like gaming would be just another good way to spend the time and accomplish this.

  2. mogs:

    How WOW takes over lives?

    What about how LOST takes over lives? 🙂

  3. ekspekt:

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

  4. Ronne:

    Wait…so…you spent a whole weekend indoors staring at a TV watching Lost, and thats fine…but your friend being on the computer, with a head set talking to other human beings playing a game is…what? Wrong, addictive? Obsessive?

    World of your source or all things WOW

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