Making Flex (flash) look 3D…

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Making Flex LOOK 3D!!!

Just to state, this in no way talks about papervision3d.

I was asked to put a bid out for a project that required walking through a 3D house, and I thought to myself… “Flash vs. Flex” granted either one, could make it happen… I didn’t want to over complicate it and think i would have to draw everything myself in flex so I started to think about it, and look at more examples…

Mixing swf files with swf loader

I’m simply using mx:SWFLoader to load the swfs and adding them to a container and removing them whenever i need to. The simplest way to do so is to use a ViewStack. When i tried the viewstack it was removing the child when changing the index which is one of the things i knew it would do, but wanted to test to see how flickery the result would be…

It indeed was too “flickery” so i chose to just add the children myself and go about doing things more manually…

PLEASE NOTE: it still is a bit flickery, but i can only test outside my network so it seems to be a bit odd… i’ve decided not to really fix it… because i just don’t have the time… kinda sucks being soooo busy… but all in all its still a good day

I have a blog post “Drawing with the UIComponent” that I talk about drawing with the UIComponent… I’m using the same classes in the source here, and i’m just using it to draw the rectangle around the drawn guys hand in the swf… I was too lazy to write new classes because it’s getting to be about 3am… and I’m tired…

I’ve had to save my blog posts for all wee hours of the night… I’ve been so busy with business I haven’t had time to write.

Anyway… the project entailed walking through a 3d house of sorts and clicking on different products and having it seem like it is animated through the shots… so if you’ve got an animation rockstar that can make things like the dlink media lounge this should give you some type of an idea of how they accomplish the task… they obviously put 2 billion times more flair into it, and ton more time as well (this only took a little over an hour to throw together) but, none the less this does show how you would make something “APPEAR” as 3D but not having to be 3D.

Hope you all enjoy, and hopefully I will have some more time to write in the upcoming future…

Oh yeah, Hope to see EVERYONE at 360Flex in Atlanta

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    please iwant to know how creat a MenuBar whit adobe Flex and this MenuBar Linked whit HTML or ASP page.

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