360flex Europe, and my presentation code and slides

360flex is going to Europe, please checkout http://www.360conferences.com/ for details. I believe it’s next month or something like that, at least thats what tom said up on the mic this morning.

360flex is an absolute blast, it’s great company, full of intelligent people, and I couldn’t ask for more of a conference to go to. If your a flash/flex developer, and or want to get in to flex, this is the conference for you.

Thanks to everyone that attended my session this morning it was great! and it was great to be in a room with such knowledgeable people. Everything went fantastic. Here is my presentation zip file.

360flex Preso

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  1. tinylion:

    HI Axel,

    Just wanted to say hi.

    I watched your 360flex preso on AMP yesterday. ASSEMLBA!!! how did I miss it. Thanks so much for the heads up. What a great service. I was signed up, projects created and up and working before the end of your talk. Thanks so much, just what we’ve been looking for.

    Good to also see someone else using cairngen, though I can’t say managed to get it as customized as you seem to. I really need to find time to fully understand Ant and take a lot more advantage of it. (if you ever put your version up online, let me know as I’m sure comparing the scripts you have to the ones i’ve been using everyday would be a great help to me getting a faster understanding of whats going on in there).

    I thought you’re talk was extremely interesting mate, thanks again for taking the time to do it.

    hope to talk sometime.


    tinylion development uk

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