Wireless Wars – Part 1 – Treo vs. 2007

I went and bought a palm treo about 3 weeks ago and it’s been great… till I updated to Microsoft Office 2007, all of my stuff stopped synchronizing… I mainly just used it to sync my contacts, and calendar… and it did a pretty phenomenal job, with a couple hiccups here and there…

Palm Treo 755p – Outlook 2007

I went on a search and ran into a couple of forum posts that made me depressed, because i couldnt find what i needed, and the posts started out with a good question, like… “I installed Outlook 2007, and now I cant sync anymore… anyone else experience this?” and you get posts back like, “I have Outlook 2003 on Windows XP, I dont have a problem…” why don’t people like that just keep their damn mouths shut… they make a person actually looking for an answer hate the damn internet…

One idiot out there with a keyboard types the right combination of words into a forum posts and now everyone looking to solve problems by going to google finds their stupid forum comment… so to all those people that post stuff that is not an answer, or not asking a question back… STOP!!

I went about my way searching and found this link in another forum, thank heavens, and it eased my pain, so here is the link to anyone else having the same issue.


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