360flex San Jose Notes – Coding Standards – Project Workflow

Powerpoint Slides for Preso

  • General Workflow tips/tools and tricks
    • FireFTP
    • Email – turn off outlook indicators so you can focus.
    • Developing Remotely, and how to push for it, why it’s important… saves time and money, it’s easier to find developers all across the nation than it is to get someone to move or to move their whole family.
    • http://www.rphelan.com/2008/08/01/flex-builder-shortcuts-and-timesavers/

  • Subversion
    • dont subversion big files like fla, or big flv files… put them in a zip file, and track them with the project, you could do this with assembla’s workspace, you can have workspace files… make sure that you just don’t misc put them with some certain track number, but put them on the general workspace where team mates can find them, and note in the track that they are there, and a click path to get to them like… “click My Start Page > My Project > Files Tab > “some file”

  • Trac
  • Mylynn
  • Assembla
  • Ant
    • showing example of cairngen and how you would setup a general project with ant, how to zip code up, and move it around to a different directory, you can pull down code from svn, as well as many other things…

    Code Workflow tips/tools and tricks

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