I’m a pretty big stickler about keeping compile times down for as long as possible, and sometimes I go to the extent of embeding fonts in my css and then commenting them out while developing because fonts can seriously slow down compile times… so one thing you can also do is set unicode ranges if you only need certain characters…

One of my current side projects I’m doing has a component that is like a stopwatch… so I downloaded a digital clock looking true type font, and implemented it in the stopwatch component… but the project was so fast at compiling, and once I added the 5 versions embeded of the font, (1 for normal, one for bold, one for italic, one for antialiased, and then the arial font type…) it slowed down the compiling by 8 seconds… i was like… dammmmnn!… so since my stopwatch only needs numbers, I’m using unicode ranges…

 @font-face {
U+0020-U+0040 /* Punctuation, Numbers and Symbols */
/* U+0041-U+005A, Upper-Case A-Z */
/* U+005B-U+0060, Punctuation and Symbols */
/* U+0061-U+007A, Lower-Case a-z */
/* U+007B-U+007E; Punctuation and Symbols */

it brought my compiling time back, and all was gooooooood. Here’s a link for the official flex docs…