I recieved my session notes and comments from everyone, THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO ATTENDED, AND FILLED OUT THE SURVEY! http://www.360conferences.com/surveyresponses/?attendeeID=2952102

I really dont have all that much time to blog right now, lots of stuff goin on w/ work… but I was very relieved at the results this time around… I think I may have mislead some people when writing my overview of what i thought the session would be vs. what it ended up being, but that should be fixed next time, because the talk went really well, I think I may try to do it again.

some of the notes i got were things like, ¬†people thought they were gonna hear more about ANT, and how-to’s on svn, and trac… but when i asked everyone in the room, 95% of the people said they were using SVN, so i didnt want to bore people, so i didnt really go over too much, and trac is relatively simple and i covered the stuff i thought was important… i recieve a 3.8 out of 5 or somthing like that… so i was pretty happy about that, definitely nothing too negative was said, most of it was just constructive criticm… 360Flex was great! thanks!