detroit!!!! ripped offf!

any one who knows me, im a huge detroit lions fan… they just played chicago, and got to the end of the game and throughout the second half, hadn’t got one first down….

they were down 14 – 19… all they needed was a touchdown and to hold out the rest of the game… just a little under two minutes left!

they receive the kick off and start the drive, and drive it down the field looking like a completely different offense, and get up to somewhere around the 40, and throw up a pass to CALVIN JOHNSON #81… and he brings in the catch, and gets not one, not two, but then almost a half third before falling to the ground on his ass… then being absolutely thrilled that he had just pretty much won the game for them… he pushes the ball to the ground and gets up and runs celebrating!!!!

the refs ruled this an INCOMPLETE PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! due to him letting go of the ball as he got up and ran to celebrate!!!!


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  1. Bill:

    I’m a Dallas die-hard, but I have to agree with you on this one: you guys got robbed of a great TD catch. He clearly controlled that ball.

  2. Adrian:

    well, players should wait for the ref rule before they celebrate
    happened in soccer as well, in penalty shoot-out. romanian gk defends well, then takes the ball and throws it in the net. refs rules “goal” 🙂

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