NOTTTTT I hate all of the different issues with xcode versions, ios versions, phonegap versions, childbrowser.js not working on ios 4.3… etc…

I’m upgrading from xcode 4.1 > 4.3 so i can have ios 5, i’m on osx 10.6.8 (snow leopard) and xcode always fails….

I found a great link saying… set your fucking time to jan 1 2012 cause the cert is expired…

yep there goes an hour and a half of my life trying to figure out why xcode wouldn’t install.

here is another issue: the autorelease bullshit from ios 5

This is how I solved the “NSAutoReleasePool” error in XCode 4.3 and with PhoneGap 1.5.

Go to “YourApplicationName” in the Project Navigator.

Select “YourApplicationName” under Project.

Go to Build Settings.

Make sure to toggle “All” and “Combined”.

Find the section “Apple LLVM compiler 3.1 – Language”.

Scroll down and you will find “Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting”.

Change it from Yes to No.