Apache proxy config

do this if you want to fake out your webserver to request something from somewhere else (aka some file hosting place instead of you, so it doesnt eat up your bandwidth)

ServerName twintech

DocumentRoot “/Library/WebServer/Documents/twintech”

DirectoryIndex Main.html

ProxyPass /um/ hhttp://somefilehosting.com/myaccount/um/

ProxyPassReverse /um/ http://somefilehosting.com/myaccount/um/

ProxyPass /assets/ http://somefilehosting.com/myaccount/assets/

ProxyPassReverse /assets/ http://somefilehosting.com/myaccount/assets/

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  1. Andrew:

    This won’t affect your bandwidth. All it does is make your webserver download the file from somefilehosting.com first before serving it to the client. It might save you some disk space, but it’ll perform worse than hosting the files yourself and won’t save you any bandwidth.

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