Using Brunch Banapancakes when coming from brunch eggs and bacon.

Brunch is an assembler to assemble html js bootstrap, with backbonejs apps.

There are a number of things brunch does, and one of its skeletons is to use Bootstrap.

The Problem

If you came up old school ( a whole year ago ) Node was on version 0.8.14, and brunch was on version 1.4.0, they dont have great backward compatibility, its almost little to none, so I’ve learned to document the version numbers of any package I use in order to have future use with them.

In order to get brunch’s new skeleton working I had to do a few things.

1) Install nvm Рthis lets me use different versions of node at the same time.

2) Now in order to use everything the way I had it before (if you followed a post that is similar to this, you have to run this at the command line first nvm run 0.8.14 Please note, you have to install 0.8.14 first nvm install 0.8.14

3)nvm run 0.10

4)you need to see which version of brunch you have locally brunch -v you should see something like 1.4.0 on the console, IF THIS IS VALUE IS LESS THAN 1.7.0, do the following sub steps

4.1) in my system I have the following path “/usr/local/bin” > in that folder there is a symbolic link for brunch, and if you right click on it and get info, you will see it points to “/usr/local/lib/node_modules/brunch/bin/brunch”, in order to keep brunch running the way it was, you need to keep this short cut, IF YOU WANT OR HAVE LEGACY PROJECTS YOU NEED TO MANAGE “brunch”.

4.2) install brunch, by doing this

nvm use 0.10

This will install brunch under the nvm directory for node modules. npm install -g brunch

We need to get the node path for the version of node we are using with nvm which node > this will output something like “/Users/Snowleopard/.nvm/v0.10.18/bin/node” Copy this value your clipboard: note it will be different on your system, so copy what the command line gives you.

now that you know where that version of node is, you can create a sym link to the new version of brunch, so first execute this: cd /usr/local/bin

now you need to create a sym link in there for the “new” version of brunch, that is running on node 0.10.8 for me that was here ln -s /Users/Snowleopard/.nvm/v0.10.18/lib/node_modules/brunch/bin/brunch brunch7

now you should be able to execute brunch7 at the command line and it should give you some output as if the command was recognized, and how to use it.

there is also a mistake in the documentation on how to create a new project, the new version of brunch changed its param order.

build a project is something like this brunch7 new github://Anaphase/brunch-banana-pancakes pancakesTest
launch a local server is: brunch7 watch -s