Motorola Moto Care

Motorola Motocare

Motorola over the past month has been a complete disappointment.

I have had some phone issues with the Moto X Gen 1, numerous issues, enough to where my phone has maxed out verizons insurance, and so I had to buy secondary insurance.

I’ve bought 2 phones for the full price and finally I bought #MotoCare, its a insurance type service where if your phone is ever damaged, you can make a claim and get a phone sent to you, and be back up in running in a couple days.

This is simply not true. I made one claim, paid the deposit to have the phone sent to me, the phone took 10 days to get to me, without a phone for 10 day? Sounds awesome when its part of your job. I finally got the phone, packaged up my other phone and sent it back…

Two days later finding out that my phone was not charging over night, i find that the phone they sent me had a bad charging port. I found that if I plugged the phone in, and wrapped the cable around the phone there after, that would torque the cable enough to make the phone charge.

I made another claim, and they promised me a Moto X Gen 2 to replace my gen 1. I finally thought I was getting somewhere, and now its been 14 days since my claim, I still don’t have the new phone, and the claim has not been shipped, and the new phone seems to be in some sort of unknown status, as I’ve been sitting here on hold for 22 minutes, I continue to burn money way by spending time on trying to get a replacement phone.

I hate motorola and will never buy another product from them.

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