Axel Jensen Resume

Axel Jensen is a ColdFusion Certified Developer that has been working with Flash since its MX days. He knew he wanted to jump on the flex bandwagon with full force once he believed in it, and that day came with the release of Flex 2. He is a frequent speaker at local Adobe users groups and the 360Conferences, and is actively involved in the developer community. Axel has a number of flex applications ranging from online media, and Financial Charting, to Google Maps integration with Flex. He’s worked with a number of well known experts in the community, such as Mark Kruger of CF Webtools, and Jeff Houser co-host of the popular podcast “The Flex Show”, Ben Clinkenbeard, Ryan Easton, Darron Schall, and many more…

Axel currently consults for companies, doing a number of flex projects; He enjoys every day, and believes that being able to program in Flex every day as a career is truly great opportunity, and doesn’t take one moment for granted. He also has worked with the University of Nebraska at Omaha, doing flex training.

Josh Able is a long time developer who made his start working on point of sale systems and the intricacies that they deal with. Involving hardware trouble shooting, custom development, database management, and being on call 24/7 for 10 years. He is a hard working individual. The last 4 years has been spent doing flex development, from the web, to the desktop and now to mobile. He specializes in salesforce mobile online/offline applications. Axel and Josh have worked together on a number of the projects below.


BackboneJS – DMP – Disability Management :

Angular – Energy dashboard – Internal :

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